AMobile Intelligent Corp. Rolled Out “Smart Patrol Management System” For Security Company


Taipei, Taiwan – (Sep 4,2015) – AMobile Intelligent Corp. is excited to announce its new solution of “Smart Patrol Management System”. The new solution integrates the Titan 5 and the Enterprise Cloud Service, developed by Top Cloud Technology. The most important aspect of “Smart Patrol Management System” is to know where your guards are and the status of their patrol. Security guards must maintain a consistent schedule of tours and follow certain procedures in order to fulfill the promise to the customer and heighten the safety of the security guards.
This deployment has successfully helped a well-known security company based in Taipei, Taiwan; achieve rapid improvement in efficiency and management of their guards and officers, and customer satisfaction.
“Smart Patrol Management System” has integrated the Titan 5 with Remote Assignment management platform. By using the RFID, GPS and Bluetooth features, “Smart Patrol Management System” has successfully helped security companies manage their guards and officers remotely in real-time and get full control over the guard tours accomplished in any location worldwide.

“Smart Patrol Management System” relieves guards and officers from daily time consuming processes such as filling paper reports and making repetitive phone calls to the Monitoring Center that provoke confusion and misunderstandings. With“Smart Patrol Management System”, guards and officers can quickly send incidents reports, implement patrols and any other guard service by taking advantage of our latest innovation technology.
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