IoT Terminal



TITAN 3 IoT Handheld Device

TITAN 3, which bring the state of the art of the handheld device for logistics workers, it is built to meet the diverse needs and requirements of different users’ expectation. Therefore, TITAN 3 is equipped with a 3.7 inch HD LCD utilizing a 5-point capacitive touch-screen displays for ease of use as well as comes with traditional physical keypad to smooth your workflow. In addition, TITAN 3 is powered by MSM 8625Q Quad-core CortexTM 1.2GHz CPU, and running the Android operating system.

High-Performance to Create High-Efficiencies for Transportation

The TITAN 3 is one of the latest generation mobile devices, combining a compact rugged form feature with the flexibility of an Android operating system and MSM 8625Q Quad-core Cortex™ 1.2GHz processor. esigned with a compact rugged design, the TITAN 3 is specialized for the transportation industry where maximum performance and durability is required.

Perfect Ergonomic Design for the Harshest Working Environment

The ergonomic design of the TITAN 3 has rendered a lightweight and a user friendly interface that reduces stress and fatigue during extended work activities. In addition, the TITAN 3 has been rated to IP-65, which is capable of enduring exposure to water jets, dust, dirt shock & vibration. It also can withstand multiple 1.2 meter drops (4ft.) to concrete and endure up to 500 tumbles @ 1 meter.

Real-time, Professional, and Excellent Data Gathering

Work-flow processes are where most transportation industries would like to become more efficient by reducing cost and improving competitiveness. Therefore, the TITAN 3 can support a variety of data collection methods. With all the wireless features that are built in such as: WWAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS & NFC there are unlimited capabilities of data transmission not to mention an integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner.


Physical Keypad with Ultra Strong Multi-touch Panel

The TITAN 3 is equipped with a 3.7” HD LCD utilizing a 5-point capacitive touchscreen made from Corning Gorilla Glass. In addition, this has been designed as your traditional industrial handheld device by keeping a physical keypad to meet the users need for diverse data entry.