AMobile Vehicle Mount Terminal Enhances Tour Bus Safety and Entertainment in Northern Japan

When it comes to premiere tour bus safety, it comes down to the vehicle condition, age, maintenance, as well as in-vehicle equipment, such as an unimpeded emergency door, fire extinguisher, driving video recorder, rearview camera system, and tire-pressure monitoring system. There is an emerging trend and demand for connected vehicles as an expansion of our digital lives. Both drivers and passengers want safer, more efficient, and ultimately more enjoyable driving and riding experiences.

AMobile vehicle mount terminals using the IoT-500 were installed in the 300 tour buses in Northern Japan to enable safe and intelligent buses during trips. With vehicle data gathering, in-vehicle video surveillance, and bus infotainment, IoT-500 delivered required information to the dispatchers, drivers, and passengers, as well as made real-time communications between back-end dispatchers and front-end drivers. Oftentimes the tour bus went uphill and downhill while traveling around. IoT-500 not only assisted the drivers with directions but also helped the dispatchers with monitoring and management.

The IoT-500 device is integrated with the optional vehicle dock is a compact vehicle mount system without line of sight obstruction. Also, it comes with a digital dashboard-style human interface which not only provides vehicle diagnostics and preventive maintenance, but also serves as an infotainment platform. Built-in CAN 2.0b / OBD-II interface, multiple I/O including LAN, USB2.0, and RS232, and the ruggedized design with front bezel IP65 rating are dedicated to the internet of vehicles and other industrial applications.