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PD600: Comprehensive Business Support, Easily Stepping into the Future.

AMobile PD600 Soft Pos: Enabled card payment, a holistic business solution integrating Android 13, 1D/2D scanning, 4G/5G for enhancing retail and logistics.

PD600 series are rugged smart handheld with 6-inch display, equipped with Android 13 and powered by MediaTek MT8781 chip, featuring a 64-bit octa-core processor with A76 and A55 cores, reaching speeds up to 2.0GHz for seamless multitasking. It supports Google GMS mobile services, ensuring long-term security patch updates from Google and providing a versatile solution for business environments.


AMobile PD600 series devices feature the industry's most stable Zebra SE47 series scanner, with a powerful 1D/2D scanning capability that swiftly and accurately reads barcodes view field. A 5000mAh battery allows uninterrupted scanning for up to 5 hours. Hot Swappable technology with 180mAh batteries provides backup power for archiving or handling emergencies during special operations.

Utilizing wireless communication technology achieves proper seamless integration. Leveraging 4G/5G, WiFi, and Bluetooth 5.2, it collects diverse data, transmitting it to the in-store POS backend cloud system. This streamlines inventory management, enhancing customer satisfaction and improving staff efficiency. No need to worry about signal loss – our PD600 offers OTG support for secure data transfer, significantly reducing the cost of network hardware installation.

AMobile PD600 system is a handheld POS device supporting contactless credit card payment. Whether at a restaurant for ordering or shopping in a store, it swiftly assists customers in processing payments from any corner, eliminating the need for a traditional counter. You can download the Soft Payment app from the Google Play Store for contactless payment, ensuring convenient, fast, and secure transactions. With IP67 dust and water resistance and passing a 1.5-meter drop test, the device is reinforced with collision-resistant materials in all four corners, passing a 1.8-meter drop and preventing damage from accidental bumps during work.


If you have any questions about the AMobile PD600 series, please get in touch with us. We are committed to providing excellent products and services to meet your needs.

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