Mobile Inspection Assistant

The Mobile Inspection Assistant G60, the world's first handheld device integrated with a thermal imager, push-to-talk radio, smartphone, and professional camera for industrial inspections.

AMobile Vehicle Mount Terminal Enhances Tour Bus Safety and Entertainment in Northern Japan

When it comes to premiere tour bus safety, it comes down to the vehicle condition, age, maintenance, as well as in-vehicle equipment, such as an unimpeded emergency door, fire extinguisher, driving video recorder, rearview camera system, and tire-pressure monitoring system. There is an emerging trend and demand for connected vehicles as an expansion of our digital lives. Both drivers and passengers want safer, more efficient, and ultimately more enjoyable driving and riding experiences.

Dedicated IIoT: User Experience Enhanced
AMobile, a joint venture by the IPC leader Arbor Technology, the pioneer semiconductor company MediaTek, and Konka group is an expert in industrial mobile computers and solutions for every industry including Inspection, firefighting, transportation, logistics, warehouse management.....