Node-Watch Unified Management

Facilitating IoT Management via the Unified Cloud Service

Node-Watch is a unified management solution for connected devices. It adopts the most popular standard management protocols. Through the user-friendly online dashboard, you can find and track devices in real time. It also gives you a centralized view of all the IoT devices. Node-Watch features provisioning, configuration, device monitoring, security, group, content, and application management, as well as cloud services with precise AD, mobile payment, and IoT device inspection.

Featured Products

Remote Control

Particularly designed for mobile devices and hardware devices, Node-Watch allows you to remotely enable, disable, manage, block or remove apps and firmware upgrade on individual or groups of devices through the user friendly dashboard whenever your device is connected to the Internet.


Protects corporate data with remote lock and wipe, selective wipe, or device locate in case of stolen or lost phone as well as notifies IT of jail broken or unencrypted devices. In addition, Node-Watch can empower IT to lock or permit mobile device features such as cameras, barcode scanner, NFC, 3G/4G, and other accessories connected.

Real-time Tracking

Node-Watch can store the current location of all devices and instantly report detailed logs of where the devices and employees have been over the air. All device locations are shown with their full address using Google Maps.

Apps Management

Through centralized dashboard, you can configure white-list policies for recommended apps and blacklist of all inappropriate apps to be automatically locked.