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ATEX Conquer Challenges Head-On


In challenging environments, ruggedness and reliability are key factors.

The secret to performing outstandingly in challenging environments is to work closely with AMobile. In hazardous environments such as power plants, refineries, natural gas, mining, and chemical processing plants, we have designed and launched the G60 PRO’s 3-in-One PDA device to meet ATEX certification requirements for safety and compliance.

• What is ATEX, and How do you get certified?

Handheld PDAs must comply with specific requirements and standards to obtain ATEX certification. These devices undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are intrinsically safe and can withstand hazardous conditions. Certification is divided into "Ex" for devices used in explosive environments and "I" for intrinsically safe devices. The "Ex" category includes devices to prevent igniting explosive gases, vapors, or dust. The "I" category covers devices designed with intrinsic safety measures, typically used in areas where explosive conditions may be present for extended periods. Companies can reduce accident risks, protect employees, and maintain regulatory compliance by using these certified handheld PDAs.

• Easy Handling and Mobility in Hazardous Work Areas

The G60 PRO is ATEX Zone 2 explosion-proof certified, with certification No: TPS 24 ATEX 105130005X. This robust and durable device can withstand accidental drops, impacts, and harsh environments. With an IP67 dust and water resistance rating,  technicians can easily use this 531g handheld device. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for handling and mobility in hazardous work areas.  Technicians can comfortably grip and operate the AMobile explosion-proof rugged PDA while wearing gloves, ensuring user comfort and reducing the risk of dropping the device.

LWIR Thermal Imaging Fusion technology for Environmental Temperature Indicator

Equipped with an Long-Wave Infrared thermal imaging camera and a standard imaging camera, the G60 PRO effectively indicate the environmental temperature of inspection areas and detect and image the temperature distribution on the inspection area surface of objects.  It can sense the long-wave infrared radiation to obtain the heat distribution information of the object and detect temperature abnormalities in certain circumstances.  This feature ensures that technicians can safeguard themselves when encountering overheated equipment and areas during inspections.

•  Push-to-Talk for Instant Communication

The G60 PRO features a push-to-talk button on the upper right side of the device for one-to-one or one-to-many single-way communication. Adjusting the frequency bands allows for group calls with a range of up to 5 kilometers. It suits technicians requiring instant communication over large geographical areas, such as on-duty law enforcement agencies requiring real-time updates at crime scenes or logistics industries like shipping and air transport, where pickers and managers need to communicate. In remote and often harsh environments such as mining, oil, and gas industries, where the focus is essential to prevent major safety incidents, this feature is highly efficient and durable, differing from modern app-based communications that rely on the internet.

•  Multifunctional Communication Capabilities

The G60 PRO is powered by the MediaTek MT8768 chipset and runs on Android 11, supporting 4G LTE calls and data transmission. It features a built-in private network module slot, allowing simultaneous use and manual switching between public and private networks. The device offers strong and reliable connectivity options such as WLAN, cellular, BT, and GPS for seamless data transmission and communication.

• 3-in-One Integrated Device

The G60 PRO is the world's only 5” handheld rugged PDA that combines a phone, thermal imaging camera, and PTT, integrating various wireless communication technologies. When inspecting hazardous areas using thermal imaging, users can report through phone calls or PTT, ensuring safety and convenience. This device eliminates the inconvenience of traditional paper and multiple equipment. The G60 PRO 3-in-One integrated ATEX PDA is your best choice. To learn more about our success stories, please contact us.

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