Mobile Inspection Assistant

The Mobile Inspection Assistant G60, the world's first handheld device integrated with a thermal imager, push-to-talk radio, smartphone, and professional camera for industrial inspections.

Rugged tablet GT78-V enables the golf cart to be a smart vehicle with multiple functions

With the popularity of tablets, many organizations are beginning to think about how to use this slate-style computer in business environments to enhance their competitiveness, such as golf club. Golf club usually has a vast area to design various fairways so as to provide an engaging or challenging golfing experience for its members and visitors. Therefore, providing golf cart is the necessary service to allow golfers to enjoy the game by minimizing travel distance while playing around.

Dedicated IIoT: User Experience Enhanced
AAMobile, a joint venture by the IPC leader Arbor Technology, the pioneer semiconductor company MediaTek, and Konka group is an expert in industrial mobile computers and solutions for every industry including Inspection, firefighting, transportation, logistics, warehouse management.....